Onboarding workflow

1. Flowchart of the general Onboarding Process
2. What is the Client Onboarding process?
3. What should I do to ensure all my enrollments will be processed correctly and on time?
4. Will anyone contact me to help me with the enrollment. When and How?
5. If I’m not using your partnered clearinghouse, would I receive any assistance on the enrollment forms?
6. What assistance can I expect if I do not use PracticeSuite partnered clearinghouse?
7. How do I find the status of a submitted EDI enrollment?
8. Is there a checklist to print for me to identify all the onboarding/enrollment processes are completed?
9. How do I know if my account is setup for commercial claims?e
10. How long does it take for the commercial setup to be completed?
11. Can I start sending claims as soon as my commercial setup is completed?
12. If I’m on the free version, other than the commercial enrollments, are there any other payers I can enroll with?
13. If I’m on a paid edition, are there any additional enrollments to be done after my commercial is setup?
14. How long does it take for the non-par or govt. payers to be enrolled?
15. Do I need to track the payer turnaround time and notify Onboarding if a response is not received?
16. Do any of the par or commercial payers require additional enrollment?
17. How do I know what payers require enrollment?
18. What assistance can I expect from Onboarding team to enroll the additional payer paperwork?
19. Does the Onboarding team help us in credentialing or registering Providers or acquiring PTANs or Provider Ids?
20. I’m not quite sure what the difference between Provider credentialing and EDI enrollment is? Does Provider registration with the payer allow me to automatically submit claims to the payer through your partnered clearinghouse?
21. What if the Provider is not registered with a particular Insurance, what should I do to submit electronic claims?
22. If my enrollment form gets declined, what is the next step?
23. Do we have to redo the forms if the enrollment gets rejected?
24. If the rejected forms were corrected and resubmitted, what timeline are we looking at for it to be processed/reprocessed?
25. Once a form is successfully processed, can I switch or turn off the service in the future?
26. Should I submit my forms to the clearinghouse or directly to the payer?
27. What if I submit my forms directly to the payer?
28. Should I fax or mail the forms?
29. Do all forms have to be faxed or mailed?
30. How do I know where to submit the forms?
31. Can I authorize Onboarding team to sign and submit forms on my behalf?
32. Do I receive the approval email from the payer or would you receive it from the clearinghouse?
33. If there is no update on the submitted forms, what do I need to do?
34. What do I need to do if I missed some payer names and need to enroll additional payers?
35. How long does it take for all enrollments to be completed?
36. How to find a payer or payer id in Relay Health.
37. How to look up claims and their status in Relay Health?
38. How to look up electronic remit information on Relay health.
39. Can I print the claims report or remittance report from Relay Health?
40. How can I reset my clearinghouse user password?
41. If my clearinghouse access is locked, what do I do?
42. How can I view the clearinghouse claim status (acceptance or rejects) in the PM system?
43. Can I resubmit claims from the Clearinghouse portal?
44. If the claim were submitted successfully from the system and I receive no errors during the upload, does that mean all is well with the claim(s) and it will be processed and paid by the insurance?
45. What happens if the claim shows as Accepted at the Clearinghouse?
46. What if I have a claim that just shows as Accepted at the clearinghouse level but does not have any payer acceptance or acknowledgement status?
47. How can I provide a feedback on your Client Onboarding process?

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