1. Choose the Submit Claims menu under Charges from the left main menu.

batch claim

2. Select the Claim Response tab under Claim Log.


3. Upload the Machine Readable 997/277 File to the system and click the Save button. This convert the machine readable file to user friendly format and will add to the list below.


4. Click on the File Name from the list to view the Report in User Friendly Format.

5. To delete the uploaded file click on the Delete link against the file name.

6. Users can also Copy and Paste File Content to convert the 997/277 Report without uploading to the system.

7. Click on the Copy and Past File Content, which open up a pop up window.



8. Copy and paste the content of 997/277 Report to the EDI Response box and click the Convert button to convert the Machine Readable 997/277 Report to User Friendly Format.


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