To generate patient statement, click on Report Central and then go to Generate Patient Statement under Patient section.


You can also click on the Generate Statement option from the Patient Information screen, to generate statement for the selected patient


Generate Patient Statement screen opens in a new window


1. To Generate Patient Statements for a particular Legal Entity, select the legal entity from the list

2. Enter the patient name to generate patient statement for a particular patient. . Enter the first three letters of the Last Name/ First Name in the box provided. A list of patients fulfilling the search criteria will be displayed. Select the patient from the list. You can also click on clip0318 button for more option to search patients

3. To generate patient statement for a particular case, click on clip0319 icon to view the list of case associated with the selected patient

4. To generate the Patient Statement for patients with amount due between two amount values, enter the minimum value of the amount in Due Amount From box and the maximum valueamount in the Due Amount To box.

5. To generate Patient Statements for all the patients having their last name starting between two given alphabets, click in the Patient Lname Between box and choose from the available alphabet ranges.

6. Click on this check box to Include closed Lines while generating Patient Statement

7. Select this option to Generate Statement as on a Particular Date.

8. Select this option to Generate Statement between Two given Dates

9. Select this option to Generate Statement within the given Aging Bucket range

10. Select this option to generate the Patient Statement from the date since the Last Run Date.

11. To print any Additional Messages/Information on the Patient Statement, type in the message/information in the Message box

Click on Generate after entering all the required information




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