Patient Statement contains details of the amount due for payment from the patient. This statement is generated and sent to the patient to remit the due payment. It includes information such as DOS, procedures and the related charges, details of insurance payments received against the lines billed to the patient and also details of Copay, Deductible etc.

1. To generate a statement for the patient, select the patient from the Patient Search page and click the Generate Statement button, the Patient Statement dialog box will be displayed as shown below.


2. The As on Date is set automatically to the current date, click the Generate button to generate the Patient Statement.

3. To generate the Patient Statement for a particular case, click on the search search_button button and choose the required case from the list.

4. To generate the Patient Statement for patients with amount due between two amount values, enter the minimum value of the amount in Due Amount From box and the maximum value amount in the Due Amount To box.

5. To generate Patient Statements for all patients having last name between two given alphabets, click in the Patient Lname Between box and choose from the available alphabet ranges.

6. To include closed lines while generating Patient Statements, select the Include Closed Lines box.

7. Patient Statements can be generated for the following date ranges:-

(i) As on Date – Choose this option to display Patient Statement as on a particular date.

(ii) DOS Range – Choose this option to display Patient Statement between two given dates.

(iii) Aging Bucket – Choose this option to display Patient Statement within the given aging bucket range i.e. <30, 31-60, 61-90,91-120…etc.

(iv) Last Run Date – Choose this option to display the Patient Statement from the date since the last run date.

8. If you wish to print any additional messages/information on the Patient Statement, type it in the Message box.

9.  After entering all the necessary parameters, click the Generate button. The Patient Statement will be displayed in pdf format as shown below.


10. To print this Superbill, click the Print adobe reader print icon icon on the top or click the Save save_icon icon to save a copy of the file onto your computer.

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