In Hipaa Office, user accounts are grouped and managed by organization wise. Administrator in an organization has the privilege to create new members of his organization. Admin can also manage roles for all the members, assign different access permission for applications.

Admin account will have a “settings” icon on the top right of the home page, which includes “Manage Users” and “Permissions” menus. Using Manage Users -> Add new user, admin can create new user account. An “account activation mail” will be sent to the registered email id of the account holder. Once the user activated the account by clicking on the activation link in the “account activation mail”, user can login with the credentials in the “account activation mail”. The user should reset his/her Vault Open key/Password and Vault Read Key/Encryption Key, when he/she logins at the first time.

Once the account activation procedure is complete at the user side, new Vault Open key/Password and Vault Read Key/Encryption Key is set for them and he/she can login with the new credentials. Take “people application” at the desktop and search through the people list to add friends to his/her network. Click on “Add” button to send a request to add that particular user to his/her network. Once they confirmed his/her request, they will be added in his/her network
Admin can set access level permission for all the applications like file, workgroup, mail etc for this user by choosing corresponding applications in the permission menu at the top right corner “settings” icon. For assigning organizational level permissions choose “Organizations ACL for members” >> “Add new” to add permissions for selected applications. For assigning individual level permissions choose “Individual ACL for members”>>”Add new” permissions for selected applications for specific users. “General ACL for members” is used to set general permissions that are applicable to all the organizations. “Manage members” section is used to manage roles for the user.
Admin can add all members to his network by sending friend request from “people” app. Search the people from the list and click on “Add” button. The user is added to the network when the friend request is accepted from the other end. Admin can create a group chat for his own organization and invite all group members to the chat. For this, take “group” from desktop and choose Create New Group Invite all the members that you wish to add. The rquest will be sent to all the members. If they accept the request, corresponding group will be shown in the “chat” application. Now your group chat will be enabled. Also in File manager (Files -> Groups -> All my groups-> ‘your own group name’) , your group folder will be created and you can share files between group members through that folder.

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