To Print Claims:-

  • Click on the Charges module and choose submit claims to open the Generate / Batch Claims screen
  • Choose the (Date of Service) DOS Start, and End dates and the Legal Entity for generating the claim
  • Click on the Generate Batch(es) button, This process will generate all the available claims between the given date of service.
    Generate  batch Claims

The bottom of the screen will show all  unbatched EDI claims. We can batch all EDI claims by clicking on the batch EDI claim. Click on Batch EDI Claim and the screen will navigate towards the second tab called Batch Summary which will populate all the EDI batch claims and Paper NEW Claims.
Batch Summary1

  • In the paper NEW claims section; list of all newly generated paper claims will get reflect.  Scroll down to the bottom and here we can print the claim forms in CMS 1500 , HCFA 1500, ICD-10 CMS1500 Form & ICD-10 HCFA1500 form.We can also print the electronic and paper claims from the Print/ Re-Bill tab.
  • Click on the Print/Re-Bill tab in order to Print/Reprint/Re-bill selected claimPrint _ Rebill
    • Use the Parameters like Claim Batch Type, Claim Status, Legal Entity, Claim Receiver, Patient Name, Provider, Insurance, Claim Date From-TO, DOS From-To, Acct. Date From-To, Amount From-To, Place Of Service, CPT, Batch#, Claim#, Claim Type, Insurance Level etc to search the claims.
    • Claims will be listed below on clicking Search button according to the given parameters.
      Print Claims
    • Claim Activity can be viewed by clicking on the clip0019 icon under the Activity column.
    • Encounter Line details of the claim can be viewed by clicking on the clip0018 icon near to Claim#.
    •  Select the claim(s) from the list.a) The selected claims can be be printed in 4 formats by clicking on respective buttons   CMS 1500 , HCFA 1500, ICD-10 CMS1500 Form & ICD-10 HCFA1500 form.
    • You can also generate a Request for Redetermination of Medicare Claim by clicking the Medicare Appeal Form button
    • The selected claims can be re-billed by clicking the clip0020 button. To generate the re-billed claims from this screen itself select the Generate Claim check box before clicking on the clip0020 button.
    • Navigate to the fourth Claim Log tab to view the Claim Detail Report which provides the claims details.
    • Upload the ANSI Claim Response file under Claim Response tab under Claim Log to view the claim response is an readable format.

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