Eligibility Status Report is used to check the eligibility of a bulk number of patients at a time and view the eligibility verification details done in the system. Eligibility status reports can be generated only if the eligibility verification option is activated with the clearinghouse.


1. The A10 report can be used for two main purposes.

A. Running batch eligibility check in one single go:- Select Appt. Date from the date filter and provide the date range. Click on to list the appointments in the given range. Click on button to check the eligibility of the listed patients in one go.

B. Listing all eligibility checks done in the system. To find the eligibility verification status, Select Eligibility Date from the Date search filter and provide the date range. The report will list any verification done in the given range. This will include any individual eligibility checks done from patient demographics.

2. The report can be exported to excel spreadsheet by clicking on the symbol.

Search Filters of A10 Report

Field Description
Appt. Date /Eligibility Check Date Select one from drop-down and provide the date range.
PR.INS. Primary Insurance
Appt. Type Consultation/Follow Up etc
Appt. Status Checked in/ Checked out/ Canceled/Missed, etc.
Appt. Source Select how the appointment was made Web/Phone/Email/ Walk-in
Legal Entity To search by Legal entity
Provider Name To search by provider
Coverage status Active Coverage, Active: full Risk Capitation, Active: services capitated, inactive, inactive: pending Eligibility Update, etc.

Search screen Of A10 Report

Sample A10 Report

Eligibility Verification

To verify the eligibility, hit button. If the full eligibility details for a patient need to be reviewed, click on the icon under the view header; a new window with detailed eligibility information will appear as in Image 3.