Eligibility Status Report is one of the very commonly used report that helps to check eligibility of a single or bulk number of patients at a time. In order words, it is also called batch eligibility verification. When the report is generated, it gives eligibility information about the list of patients based on the search criteria. Eligibility status report can be generated only if eligibility verification option is activated with the clearing house.

The report can be filtered utilizing the filter options such as Appointment Start DateAppointment End Date, Appointment Type, Appointment Status, Appointment Source, Legal Entity, Provider Name, and Coverage Status. 

Select the appropriate search criteria and click on Search button to view the eligibility verification details

To check eligibility based on the search criteria, Click on  button. Once the eligibility run, it will reflect in the report generated.

If the full eligibility details for a patient need to be review, click on the button under the view header

When detailed view button invoked, a new window with detailed eligibility information will be appeared as follows

Beside that, the report can be exported to excel spreadsheet by clicking on the  symbol.