Patient Examination Summary Report shows the patient examination summary details against the patient appointment.

The report can be filtered utilizing the filter options such as Appointment Start DateAppointment End Date, Legal Entity, Provider Name, Appointment Source, Appointment Type and Appointment Status.

Also the reports can be sort by Date, Patient, Legal Entity and Provider.

Beside that, A few exception can be added by invoking the radio button against Include CancelledInclude Hospital Care and Include Scheduling Density.

Select the appropriate search criteria and click on Search button to generate the reports

once the report is generated, it also allow the user to send survey request to patient if Online Review Management option is enabled. click on  button to after selecting the desired patient from search result to send the survey request.

once the survey request successfully completed, an acknowledgement notification appears as follows.

Other than sending survey request, the report can be downloaded as PDF or as Excel Spreadsheet. PDF report can be downloaded by clicking on the   icon. The PDF report also projects the procedure and diagnosis information if available when the report generated as PDF.

however the excel report contains the procedure code ( service procedure done to patient) along with other appointment summary information. Also it allows to download the report into .CSV file format for Realmed eligibility verification.

Note: .CSV file format is only helpful for Realmed clearing house users to check eligibility in bundle.