Patient Examination Summary Report shows the patient examination summary details against the patient appointment.

Table 1 lists the filter and sort options available in the Patient Examination Summary Report.

Field  Description
Appt. Start Date/ End date Provide Start and End dates or select an appropriate date range from the drop-down.
Legal Entity Search by Legal entity
Provider Name Search by provider name
Appt. Source Select how the appointment was made Web/Phone/Email/ Walk-in
Appt. Status Checked in/ Checked out/ Canceled/Missed, etc.
Appt. Type Consultation/Follow Up etc
Include Cancelled Check this box to include canceled appointments
Include Hospital Care Check this box to include Hospital care appointment status along with the result.
Include Scheduling Density for time(in mints) delta To include scheduling density and average scheduling density for the time frame given.
Sort By To sort the result by either Date/ Patient/ Legal Entity/ Provider

Table 1

Select the appropriate search criteria and click on the Search button to generate the reports. Image 1 shows a sample search screen.

Image 1

Image 2 shows a sample result of A5 report.

Image 2

Once the report is generated, it allows the user to send survey requests to patients if Online Review Management option is enabled. Click on button after selecting the desired patients from the search result to send the survey requests.

Image 3

Once the survey request is successfully sent, an acknowledgment notification appears as in Image 4.

Image 4

Other than sending survey requests, the report can be downloaded as PDF or as Excel Spreadsheet (highlighted in Image 3). The PDF report can be downloaded by clicking on the  icon. The PDF report also projects the procedure and diagnosis information if they are available when the report is generated as PDF. Image 5 is a sample PDF output.

Image 5

The excel report contains the procedure code ( service procedure done to a patient) along with other appointment summary information. Also, it permits the download of the report to .CSV file format for Realmed eligibility verification.

Image 6

Note: CSV file format is only helpful for Realmed clearinghouse users to check eligibility in a bundle.