This report lists all the appointments in the provided date range along with the previous appointments of those patients (if any). It also lists the co-pays posted along with the payment numbers.

Table 1 lists the filter options provided in the Eligible Visits Bill Report.

Field  Description
Appt. Date From /To Provide Start and End dates or select an appropriate date range from the drop-down.
Modified Date From/To
Legal Entity  To search by Legal Entity
Provider  To search by Provider
Superbill Status Select one of the following No SB/New/ BILL_TO PT/BILL_TO_GR/BILL_TO_PR

Table 1

Image 1 is a sample search screen.

Image 1

Enter the required search fields and click on the search to generate the report.

Image 2

Click on the  to view the report as an Excel Spreadsheet.

Sample Excel Report

Image 3