The report verifies if the required patient demographic fields are complete and eligible for billing. The report includes the patient’s last seen date and time, the copay posted amount, and the posted payment #.


1. The co-pay posting information is displayed only if the amount was collected through the scheduler.

2. A6 report shows the co-pay posted and the A7 report displays the actual amount collected through the scheduler.

3. Click on the  to view the report as an Excel Spreadsheet.

Search Filters of A6 Report

Field  Description
Appt. Date From /To Provide Start and End dates or select an appropriate date range from the drop-down.
Modified Date From/To Last modified date
Legal Entity  To search by Legal Entity
Provider  To search by Provider
Superbill Status Select one of the following No SB/New/ BILL_TO PT/BILL_TO_GR/BILL_TO_PR

Search screen of A6 Report

Sample A6 Report