The A7 report lists the appointments with the copay collected. Note that the copays should be collected from the scheduler to reflect on the report.


The A7 report is a reconciliation between the co-pay amount that was supposed to be collected and the actual collected amount. If a copay amount was saved in the patient’s insurance, it will be shown in the copay amount field. The collected amount will be reflected in the Copay collected field only when the co-pay payment was collected through the appointment.


A summary of the total appointments and co-payments for the given date range is given at the end of the report.

Search Filters of A7 Report

Field Description
DOS From/ To To search  using Date of Service
Legal Entity To search for a particular legal entity
Provider To search for a particular provider
PR.INS. Primary Insurance
SE. INS Secondary Insurance
Modified By User Filter according to the user who updated the appointment.
Appt Type To filter results for a specific appointment type
Sort By Insurance, provider, user, DOS

Search screen of A7 Report

Sample A7 Report

Possible outputs of A7 Report

Fields in the excel output of A7 report

  PDF output