*Report Central constitutes a collection of reports to assist in the medical billing RCM workflow management.  These are pre-defined individual reports with unique features and differences that help to analyze, evaluate, and manage the practice (accounts). Each report in the report central maintains its Individuality serving its purpose.

*Report Central has a quick help tooltip on mouse-hover on each report. Additionally, a help icon next to the report opens the help academy page for a detailed description.

*PracticeSuite has more than 100 reports added to Report Central. All the reports are categorized and listed with unique IDs assigned to them. Below is the category list.

A – Scheduler B – Superbill C – Patient D – Aging E – Listing F – Security G – Claims and Denials H – Dashboard I – Charges and payments J – Financials K – Clinical

*Clicking on the report will open it in a new tab. To open the report in a new window, click on the button.

*A frequently accessed report can be added to the favorite page by clicking on the button. Clicking on the will remove the report from the favorite list.