PracticeSuite has introduced TeleMed module for remote patient consultation. The product was rolled out in April 2020 and is utilized by many of the Providers. The Telemed feature provides access and continuity of care and helps maximize reimbursement. PracticeSuite TeleMed app is both HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

For EMR users, the Telemed app is strapped on to the Clinical Desktop interface and can be accessed from the clinical screen. For non EMR users, the app is available as a standalone product with a separate access menu. See Image 1.

Non EHR customers can click on the TeleMed menu to access the application.

Image 1

On clicking the TeleMed icon and initiating the session, the Telemed console opens up as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

Users can utilize various options in the TeleMed console during the session :

a. Share screen: Providers/Patients can use Share screen option to share their screen .

b. Screen Capture: Providers can capture patient’s screen using this option. The image is saved in the patient’s Document Manager as doc type -Telemed.

c. Chat: Patient/Provider can IM during the session.

d. Notes: Providers can add pertinent notes of the visit into the this area which will then be recorded into the Telemed sheet.

e. Upload Documents: Patients can upload documents onto PracticeSuite. Click here to know more on how to upload documents.

f. Other than the above options, a few more such as, to Mute/Unmute audio, Manage video quality etc. have been made available.