The Payment Entry screen is integrated with a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. Practices have the option to do a one-time card processing.

1 .  From the main Menu, click on Payments to select Enter/Edit payment option.

2 .  As you invoke Enter/Edit payment option, Payment Search window opens up.

3 .  Click on the button on the upper right corner of the window to create a new payment entry.

4 .  A new payment master window appears as below

5 .  Enter payment info. Fill all payment info such as – Payment Type, Payer Entity, Payer Name and Payment Amount.

6 .  Select Claim as Payment Type, this will update the Payer to Insurance.

7 .  Add the Payer Name, search and select correct Payer.

8 .  Select the Pay Method as Credit Card and enter the credit card info (Credit Card#, Name on Card (Exact Payer Name) , Expiry Month, Year and CVV). All the fields need to be filled to successfully process the card.

Note 1: Processing credit card payments in PracticeSuite requires signing up for PracticeSuite E-Payments. If you are not already enrolled with PracticeSuite E-Payments or are interested in learning more, please email

          Note 2: When “Name on Card” field is being entered, It should use the exact Payer Name as in the virtual credit card.

9 .  Click on the button to complete the processing of the card.

10.  A payment success message with a Gateway Transaction number is displayed along with the Payment Number.

11.  If there is any failed/ error message, the payment entry will not be added.

Note: You can view the reason for the Credit Card process failure in the report ‘I18 – Credit Card Transaction Report’.