Practicesuite provides you the flexibility to generate payments automatically for an authorized amount. To create Payments automatically, select the Auto-Create Payment checkbox in the Authorization Information page.

1. Select Patient from the main menu.

2. Search for the patient to edit the activity notes.

3. Click on the patient name to open the Patient Demographics page.

4. Click on the Authorization option (highlighted in Image 1) to access the screen.

Image 1

5. Create a new authorization.

6. Enter the authorization information like Payer, Auth#, Visit details, effective date, etc.

7. Enter the Authorized Amount on the provided field.

8. Now select the Auto-Create Payment option against that field.

9. And on saving this authorization, the system creates a DEDUCTIBLE payment for this patient using the authorized amount in that authorization.

Note: Auto-created payment number is displayed on that authorization after save (see Image 2).

Image 2

Note: Users can view the On-account payments for this patient by clicking on the Post Payment link on the authorization page.