This is a report to reconcile appointments with manually entered charges and to review if the appointments for the selected date period have been billed. The report will indicate an “X” if there is no superbill and “New” or “Hold” if a superbill has been created and left in an unbilled status.


To identify patients not yet billed,  compare the EMR and Superbill status of their appointments.

Search Filters for B2 Report

Field Description
Appt. Start Date/End Date Provide start and end dates, or select an appropriate date range from the drop-down.
Legal Entity Search by Legal Entity
Provider Name Search By provider name
Schedule Type To search by schedule type
Appt. Status To search by Appointment status
Superbill Status To filter by superbill status Like New, Hold, Bill to PR
Include Missed/Cancelled To include missed or canceled appointments
Include Void Superbills To include voided appointments
Sort By Sort by Date, Appt. status or superbill status.

Search Screen of B2 Report

Sample B2 Report

Possible Outputs of B2 Report

Fields in the Excel output of B2 Report

PDF output