New Recall Report shows the recalls created in the system. For every patient for whom recalls are created, the report highlights the recall details like Initiation date, Due date, Created User, Assigned to, Reminder status, Review date, Reviewed By, etc. along with the patient details.

Search Filters of C1 Report

Field Description
Due Date To Filter by due date set for the recall, provide due date range
Initiate Date To filter by initiation date of the recall, provide initiate date range (providing either due date or initiation date is mandatory)
Reminder Status Select Completed/Pending/Void/Reviewed/ALL
Assigned To User Recalls can be filtered according to the user to whom it is assigned
Reminder Type To filter by reminder types; select one from the drop-down Alert/Callback/Completion/ReCheck/Recall, etc.
Reminder Category To filter recalls by category like billing, X-ray, etc., choose one from the category drop-down.
Patient To view recalls of a specific patient

Search Screen of C1 Report

Sample C1 Report

Click on  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and image to download the report as PDF.