The C10 report lists patients to generate the collections agency CSV file. Once the CSV is generated, all “Bill to PT” or “GR” lines on the date of service change to “In_Collections” line status.


1. If you are utilizing the services of a collection agency and need to send them an electronic data file, you can create the file from this report.

2. The lines of patients that are currently in pre-collections sub status get listed when running the search. To move the lines to collections, select the required patients from the list and click on Generate Detailed CSV or Generate CSV as appropriate. This creates the collections file and moves the selected items to “Collection” sub status.

Search filters of the C10 report

Field Description
Legal Entity To filter patients by legal entity
Patient To select a patient
Age since pre-collection Provide number of days the patient was in pre-collection status

Search screen of C10 report

Image 1

Sample C10 Report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of C10 Report

Fields in the Excel output of C10 Report