This report lists all patients that were moved to the “In_Collections” status in the system.


1. The C11 report lists the patients in collections. Each row in the listing displays patient name, MR#, info on DOS, charge incurred, insurance paid, patient paid amounts, and the balance.

2. Other reports to view patients in Collections are

a. C3. Patient Statement Summary Report: Select “Report Type” as ‘Collection’.

b. I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report- Select Line status as ‘IN_COLLECTION’ or line sub status as ‘COLLECTION’.

Search filters of the C11 report

Field Description
Acct. Date Acct. Date of charge
Patient Select a specific patient.

Table 1

Search screen of C11 report

Image 1

Sample C11 report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of C11 Report

Fields in the Excel Output of C11 Report

PDF output