The report displays the billed charges with patient demographics and insurance details. The report prints one patient per page, with each page being a different patient.


To view all the records edited/created by a user on the current day, select the user from the user search drop-down and select ‘Today’ as the ‘Last Modified Date’.

Search Filters of the C12 Report

Field Description
Acct. Date Line-level Accounting Date
DOS Date of Service Range
Last Modified Date Date when the last edit was done; provide the date range
Legal Entity Billing Entity
Provider To search by the rendering provider
Line Status To filter according to line status of the claim
Line Sub status To filter according to line sub status of the claim
User To filter by the user who last modified the charge
Referral Source To filter by referral sources; choose one from the drop-down
CPT To filter by procedure codes
Diagnosis To filter by Diagnosis codes
Patient To view results of a specific patient
Case Type To view results of a specific case type
Place of Service To filter by POS
Service Location To filter by service location
Insurance To filter by insurances; select primary, secondary and tertiary insurances from the respective drop-downs
Referring Provider If same as rendering provider, select option ‘Same as rendering provider’ else search from the referring provider drop-down
Modifier To search by modifiers
Show Over Payments Only Payments only those payments where the balance is negative
Include Void To include void charges/claims in the search results.

Search Screen of C12 Report

Sample C12 Report

Possible outputs of C12 Report

PDF output