Patient Statement summary report provides a history of all Patient Statements generated. It gives the statement numbers, date of statement generation, how the statements were generated, balances left on the statements, user who generated the statements along with the generation date and time.


  1. C3 report can be used to regenerate the statements. Check the box and click either “Generate CSV”  or “Print Statement”.
  2. The C3 report can also be used for viewing patients in the Collection and Pre-Collections. Select Report Type as ‘COLLECTION’ to view patients in Collections and select ‘PRE-COLLECTION’ to view patients in pre-collections.

Table 1 lists all the search filters in the C3 report.

Field Description
Statement Date Provide date ranges in which the statements were generated
Patient Provide patient name to search for statements to a specific patient
Statement # To search by statement number
Report type Select patient statement, pre-collection or collection according to what report needs to be generated

Image 1 is the search screen on C3 report.

Image 1

Click on Search to generate the report.

Image 2

Click on the  icon to view the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Click on Generate CSV or Print Statement options to regenerate the statements.