C4 report lists patients to either generate a pre-collection CSV or a letter. Once generated, the line sub status changes to “precollection”.


1. Filters in the C4 are similar to what you have in the patient statement generation screen (C2 report).

2. For every patient for whom a pre-collection letter or file is generated, the line sub-status will automatically change to ‘Pre-collection’.

3. To move a patient out of Pre-collections, clear off the line sub-status of each line of each DOS where the sub status shows ‘Pre Collections’.

How to Move Patients to Pre-Collections

1. To move patients to pre-collections for whom statements have been generated, say 3 times in the past, provide the value 3 in the statement generated ‘From’ and ‘To’ filters.

2. Once the patient list is displayed, either select all the patients by checking the box on the report header column or choose patients from the list by checking them before proceeding with the report generation.

2a. Generate Detailed CSV: This option creates a detailed CSV file on your computer, which can then be uploaded to a statements company that will be sending the pre-collection letters on your behalf

2b. Generate Letter: If you want to print and mail the statement, click on Generate Letter.

2c. Generate CSV: For CSV file generation

Note: Once a pre-collection letter is generated for the patient, all the BILL_TO_PT lines will have the sub status ‘Pre-Collection’.

Search filters in the C4 report

Field Description
Legal Entity To filter the results of a specific legal entity
Last Name, First Name To select a specific patient.
Case# To select statements related to a specific case number of a patient
Due Amount Provide an amount in the ‘From’ field and a very large number in the ‘To’ field to block the system from sending letters if the balance is less than that specified in the ‘From’ field
Patient Last Name Between This helps group the patient list into batches in case the patient list is very long.
Exclude patients with On-Account Check this box to exclude patients who have on-account money. (Note: If on-account money is less than the patient’s balance, the patient won’t be excluded from the list.)
No Payment Received Since To filter patients who have not paid in the last specified days.
Statement Generated To filter patients for which statements have already been generated a specified number of times
Pre-collection Generated To filter patients for whom pre-collection letters/files have already been generated a specified number of times
As on Date It is by default checked. It generates letters for whatever the patient owes.
DOS Range To generate letters only for some DOS, check the DOS box and provide the DOS date range for which the letters are to be  generated
Aging Bucket To generate letters for only those balances in the specified aging bucket.
Sort By Select either Guarantor or Patient as appropriate

Table 1

Search screen of C4 report

Image 1

Sample C4 report

Image 2


Sample Pre-Collection Letter

Image 3