Pre-collection and collection refer to the actions undertaken for a patient statement for which no response has been received from the patient/guarantor even after sending the statement for a fixed number of times. No-response patient statements are first sent to pre-collections. Pre-Collection letters are sent for a fixed number of times. If the response is still not received, it is sent to Collections.

Select the Legal Entity, Last Name, First Name, Case#, Due Amount From, Due Amount To, Patient last name between, number of days since payment has not been received, number of times the statement has been generated.

Sort the results by using the Sort By option and also exclude patients on account by selecting the option for the same.

There are three main options to generate pre-collection letters.

1. As On Date –  The As on Date option is auto-selected when the Patient Statement screen is launched and the date defaults to the current date. This date can be manually changed as per the requirement.

Use the As On Date option to generate statements for all patient charges up until a particular date.

2. DOS Range – This option can be used to generate statement(s) for a particular date or for a date range.

Either provide From and To Dates or select an appropriate value from Calculate Date As drop-down

3. Aging Bucket– Use this option to generate statements for charges falling into a certain aging period.

3. We can also search for statements for which patient statement has been generated x1 to y1 times or those statements for which pre-collection has been generated x2 to y2 times where x1,y1,x2,y2 can be provided in the fields shown below.

4. Once the statements are listed, select the necessary statements and click on action after selecting an appropriate letter template from the drop-down.

5. If no response is received for pre-collection letter sent a fixed number of times (decided by the practice), it goes to the collections.