C6 report is a patient demographics report. It is detailed report providing all the demographic information about the patients.


The Patient Details report lists all the patients that are entered in the system if you run the report without providing any search parameters. It is a detailed report and has excel, CSV and PDF output options.


  1. Check the box “Show patients exempt from sending statements” in the search filter section and the report will show you all the patients exempted from sending statements. (The exemption is set from the Patient demographics “Other Attributes” screen.)
  2. Birthday reminders can be set from C6 report.

Table 1 lists all the search options in the C6 report.

Field Description
Creation Date Provide creation Date range
DOB Provide DOB date range
Patient Scheduled To filter patients in an appt. date range
Patient Not scheduled To filter patients who do not have appts. in the given date range
Birth Month This is for report generation in batches by grouping them according to birth month; useful in case if the patient list is long
Referral Source To filter patients by referral source
Patient To view results for a specific patient
Gender To filter patients by gender
Acc. Type To filter patients by account type

Table 1

Image 1 is the C6 search screen.

Image 1

Click on Search to generate the report. Image 2 is a sample C6 report.

Click on the  to view the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and the  icon to download the report as PDF.

Click on the  to print birthday reminder label and the  icon to export to CSV.