This is a Patient demographics report containing the patient’s insurance and other pertinent information. The report can also be used for filtering patients that have the statement exclusion flag. Additionally, a merge CSV export is available within the generated data to list all patient accounts that were merged.

In short,

A. This report can also be used to find patients whose credit card info is stored.

B. C6 report gives details on the patient mergers done in the system.

C. C6 report can be used to filter patients based on whether statement/e-statement is enabled for them or not.


1. C6 report has a CSV output ‘Merge Detail CSV‘  which contains details on the merged patient accounts. Users can retrieve the merge details by entering the from and to Merge dates. Important fields in the merge detail CSV are

MR#, PCREF#, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, DOB, Gender, Creation Date, Created By, MR# of Patient Merged From, PCREF# of Patient Merged From, Last Name of Patient Merged From, First Name of Patient Merged From, Middle Name of Patient Merged From, DOB of Patient Merged From, Gender of Patient Merged From, Creation Date of Patient Merged From, Created By of Patient Merged From, Merged By, Merged Date.

2. The patient exempt checkbox is replaced with a dropdown that provides users the ability to filter the report separately for regular statements and e-statements or to list patients that have both types of exemptions added in their account.  The new filter is named ‘Patient Statement Exemptions‘ and has three available options in the dropdown – “All Exemptions”, “Statement”, and “E-Statement”.

Also, C6 report has two columns in the report output ‘Do Not Send Statement’ and Do not Send E-Statement’ which will indicate whether statements and e-statements are enabled for the patient.

3. It can list patient records according to their creation date. Provide appropriate creation date ranges to see patient records created in the system in the previous month, previous six months, last year, etc.

4. C6 report has an excel file under the name ‘Card on File Patient Details’. This will display the details of those patients whose credit card information is saved in the system. It has the card expiration date as well which can be used to prompt the patient to update the card when the expiry date arrives.

5. This report displays patients by their birth month which would aid in setting birthday reminders.


1. To view all the patients entered in the system which are still active, run the report without providing any search parameters. To view inactive records as well, check the box ‘Include Inactive’.

2. Birthday reminders can be set from C6 report.

Search Filters of the C6 report

Field Description
Creation Date Provide creation Date range
DOB Provide DOB date range
Patient Scheduled To filter patients in an appt. date range
Patient Not scheduled To filter patients who do not have appts. in the given date range
Provider To filter the results for a specific provider
Birth Month This is for report generation in batches by grouping them according to birth month; useful for setting birthday reminders
Referral Source To filter patients by referral source
Patient To view results for a specific patient
PC Ref# Multi-input field; use commas to insert multiple PC Ref numbers.
Gender To filter patients by gender
Acc. Type To filter patients by account type

Table 1

C6 Search Screen

Sample C6 report (A Few fields excluded)

Report Output Options

1   Excel Spreadsheet Fields in the Excel Output of C6 Report
2   Card on File Patient Details C6 Excel containing credit card details of patients
3    PDF output
4    Print birthday reminder label
5    Fields in the CSV output of C6 Report
6   Patient merge details C6 CSV file containing Patient Merge Info

Sample Card on File Patient details

Sample Merge Data