Installment Details Report provides information on the installments created in the system.


1.Provide the End Date Range as ‘Month-To-Date’  to list the installments ending in the current month.

2. Provide an installment status to list all installments in the specified status.

3. Provide a patient name to view all installments availed by the patient.

4. C8 Report has a column to determine whether recurring is enabled for the installment.

Search Filters of C8 Report

Field Description
Start Date Provide Installment Start Date range
End Date Provide Installment End Date range
Last Statement Date Provide date range for the last statement generated
Patient Provide patient name to view installment details of a specific patient
Installment# To view results pertaining to a specific installment
Installment status To view installments in a specific status; select one from the installment status drop-down


Search Screen of C8 Report

Sample C8 Report

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