1. Claims first arrive at the Collections Manager when they are put to BILLED_TO_PR status. Thereafter they remain in the Collections Manager till the balance amount in the line becomes zero.

2. Claims in the the following six statuses are always found in Collections Manager.


3. Apart from these, claims denied by the payer and claims for which no response has been received even after the threshold period has ended, fall into Collections Manager.

4. Denied claims are found in the respective denial categories and No_Response claims are classified payer wise. The remaining open claims will be shown in the respective payer categories.

Collection Status/Sub Status

Collection manager status and sub status helps to identify the status of a claim in the collection manager and has no relation with the claim status.

1. Claim that arrives in Collection Manager for the first time is assigned the NEW status.

2. Thereafter when a claim is picked up for follow-up, user has to change it to pending status.

3. Finally, claim is set to RESOLVED when issues related to a claim get resolved.

4. Apart from these, more statuses and sub statuses can be created and used as per practice requirements.