1. Login to Practicesuite as provider Tom Mcquinn. From the menu on the left, choose->EMR->Clinical Desktop. Click the Patient tab to open the Patient Search page. Type the name of the patient, the patients list will be displayed below. Click on the name of the patient from the list to open the chart.

2. From the selected chart click on Prescription to enter medication. The Compose Rx screen will appear type the name of the medication in the Drug Search box and click the button. From the list that appears, choose the appropriate medication. Enter the dosing, select number, sig and click the Save Rx button to go back to the Compose Rx screen. Click on the Take complete Rx to Review page.

Click on Outside Lab Orders to enter laboratory order.

Click on Radiology to enter the radiology orders as specified in test data set. Click the Save as button to save the chart.

3. Select the patient chart and click the Current Chart tab in the EMR to select the chart. Click the on Prescription and click on the EDIT button to modify the Current Medication.

Click on Outside Lab Order to modify laboratory orders. Click on Radiology to modify the radiology order. Click the Save button to save the chart.

4. Select the Face sheet tab to view the medication orders.

Select the Order Hx tab to view the Laboratory and Radiology orders.