Navigate to Setup from the main menu and then click on Procedures

1.To search for an Encounter Procedure, enter the code in the CPT code box and click on Search. To view the details of a CPT code, click on the CPT code from the search result


2. To add a new CPT code, click on the clip0328  icon.
On the proceeding Edit Encounter Procedure screen
3. Enter the Code for the Procedure
4. Select a Category from the list
5. Enter a description for the procedure


6. Enter an estimated time (in minutes) for the procedure.
7. Enter the estimated fixed cost if any for the procedure
8. Enter the estimated variable cost if any
9. Enter the Practice Proposed Price for the procedure
10. Enter Case Value for the procedure.
Other fields are optional which can be entered if required. Click on Save after entering the required fields.

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