To create a scheduler for a Machine or Equipment, define the Machine or Equipment as a new Provider.

1. Click on the Master Setup module and choose Provider, the Provider page will be displayed.

2. Click the add_icon button. The Provider Information page will be displayed.

3. Fill in the relevant details of the Machine or Equipment under each section as explained below.

tip 24x24 All fields marked with an asterisk (*)  are mandatory. If any of these fields are left blank,  an error message is displayed and the blank field will be highlighted in red color.

tip 24x24 Please enter information in all required fields even if it is not relevant for Equipment/Machinery.

Personal (Provider Personal Information)

Name and Address
a) Enter a name for the Equipment or Machine in the Last Name and First Name boxes, for

e.g. Ultra scan.

b) A Provider Code is automatically created. If you wish to change this, click in the box and enter the new code.

c) Enter the Address, City, State, Zip Code and Country details.

d) Choose a Gender Male/Female (Even though this is not relevant for equipment, choosing any one is required.)

e) Enter data in all other required fields.

f) From the Provider Legal Entity box, select the Legal Entities for this Machine/Equipment.

Specialty (Provider Specialty Information)

Professional Details
a) Choose Other as main specialization of the provider from the First Specialization box, select No for the Certified button.
Identity Details-1
a) Click in the ID Type box and choose either Federal Tax Id or SSN, and enter type ‘000000’ and then type “NA” in all the other required fields.

b) Set the Signature on File option to No.

c) Select any option from the Type box and choose any Taxonomy Specialty. (Even though this information is not relevant for equipment, entering data is required.)

4. After entering the above information, click the Save button. The information will be saved and the Machine/Equipment will be displayed in the list on Provider page.

5. To edit the information of this Machine/Equipment, simply click on the Edit button on the Provider page. Click the Save button after editing the required information to update the information.

6. Next time you open the Scheduler, the name of the Machine/Equipment will appear in the provider column.

7. To make a schedule for the Machine, create an appointment in the same way as you create one for a Provider.