Create a Chart Note

1. As in the classic versions, new chart notes can be created from the Patient tab or Appointments tab in the Clinical Desktop. When the charting screen opens up, select the provider, an appropriate encounter sheet and click ‘Begin Charting’ to start charting.

Image 1

2. Select a level 1 component where data needs to be inserted. You can easily arrive at the desired header by using the search option at the top(see Image 2). Click on the header.

Image 2

3. Click on the header; the level-2 will appear as a pop-up. Insert the required Level-2 items.

4. Facesheet items (if present for the selected Level-2) will be available on the right hand side. Users can use the copy button to copy facesheet data into the selected L2.

5. Click on Save to save the L2 data.

6. Continue charting with other required headers in the same way. Use Canned sheet copy button beside the header to copy canned sheet data into the current chart.

7. Finally click on Save.

Edit a chart note

1. Click on a level-2 item visible under the level-1 header to edit the item.

2. Click on the right side of the L2 to make the area editable. Do the required edits and press enter to save the changes.

3. Click the red colored cross mark to delete the item.