1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation Report under EMR.

2. In order to record the Stage 1 & 2 measures for VDT(View, Download & Transmit) under criteria# 10 in the Measure Calculation Report.

3. Select EMR Patient chart, choose the level 1 component Billing under Plan section.

4. In order to check the Level 1 code, double click on the selected Level 1 component and verify that the code is BILLING or CPT.

5. Now select an Office visit CPT code from the level 2 items under the Level 1 Billing.

6. Save the chart in order to record this patient under the denominator for Criteria# 10 VDT.

7. Now to record this patient in the numerator:

a. Login to Patient portal as the selected patient.
b. Select the Clinical Summary section inorder to view/download/transmit the Clinical Summary Report.
c. Now click on View/Download/Download C-CDA/Transmit buttons and complete the action to record this patient in the numerator for Criteria# 10 VDT.