1. Login to PracticeSuite and select the measure calculation report under EMR.

2. The Stage 1 measure for Criteria# 12 – Protect electronic health information is recorded in the measure calculation report using the Yes / No indicator.

3. To add the Yes / No Indicator against the criteria, select the value Yes/No from the drop down list under Provider Parameters against this criteria on the top of measure calculation report before generating.

4. Generate the report to see the selected value against the criteria.

5. PracticeSuite uses a number of features to ensure the health information safe and secure.

6. First, a CDES algorithm is used to encrypt and decrypt data in PracticeSuite.

7. When transmitting electronic health information SFTP & SSL is used to ensure the information is protective.

8. Additionally PracticeSuite has a number of security features for users including ability to delete unused accounts and a time out timer.

9. Finally PracticeSuite provides an encrypting and decrypting function to allow the transmission of electronic health information which can be accessed from Secure File page under EMR.

10. For example, we can encrypt an electronic health information file and send the encrypted file to another system.