1. Login to PracticeSuite, From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation Report under EMR.

2. In order to record the stage 1 measure for Criteria# 16 Patient Education in the Measure Calculation Report.

3. Select the Patient EMR chart, then Select the Level 1 component Billing under Plan.

4. Verify that the level 1 component code for Billing is CPT by double clicking on the selected level 1.

5. Select an office visit CPT code from the level 2 items.

6. Select the level 1 component Patient Education under Plan.

7. Double click on the Level 1 component Patient Education in order to verify the level 1 code and confirm that the code is PATIENT_EDUCATION.

8. Select from the level 2 items listed and save the chart.

9. This is recorded in the stage 2 measures under Patient Education in Measure Calculation Report.

Note: The Stage 2 measure for patient education is recorded only for the patients whose chart have an Office Visit CPT code within the EMR chart in the reporting period.