1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. The criteria# 19 – Submit electronic data to immunization registries is recorded in the Measure Calculation Report using a YES / NO indicator.

3. The Yes / No indicator can be set against this criterion by selecting Yes / No from the drop down menu against this criteria under Provider Parameters section on the top of the report before generating the report.

4. In order to submit the Immunization Registries electronically:
a. Select the patient EMR chart.
b. Select the Level 1 component Immunization with Level 1 code as “VACCINATION”.

c. Select the Immunizations from the listed level 2 items and Save the chart.


d. Go to the Speciality tab and select Immunization.


e. From the listed immunizations on the left for this patient, select the one which has to be submitted electronically.
f. Now click on the Download Registry File on the bottom of the Page to download the selected immunization electronic file to submit.