1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. In order to record the stage 1 measure for Criteria# 22-Provide patient with an electronic copy of their health information in the Measure Calculation Report.

3. Select the Patient EMR chart and go to Plan section.

4. Select the level 1 component Billing


5. Double click on the Level 1 component to verify that the Level 1 code is CPT.

6. Now select an office visit CPT code from the listed Level 2 item.


7. Finish charting and save the chart as Complete.

8. Go to Facesheet tab.

9. In order to record this patient in the denominator, set the EHR_INFO_REQUIRED flag under Clinical Measures to YES.

10. Now to provide the electronic copy the health information go to the Visit Hx tab and select the chart.

11. Click on the Print icon against the Clinical Summary under the narration and click on the Download button to generate the Health Information/Clinical Summary electronically.

12. Now go back to the Facesheet and set the EHR_INFO_PROVIDED flag under Clinical Measures to YES in order to record this patient on the numerator of this criteria.