1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. The Stage 1 measure for Criteria# 24 – Capability to exchange key clinical information is recorded in the measure calculation report using the Yes / No indicator.

3. To add the Yes / No Indicator against the criteria, select the value Yes/No from the drop down list under Provider Parameters against this criteria on the top of measure calculation report before generating.


4. Generate the report to see the selected value against the criteria.


5. In order to exchange the key clinical informations electronically.
a. Select the CCR Report menu under EMR.


b. Select the patient whose clinical information has to be sent.
c. Select the patient informations that has to be send using the check box’s available on the top of the report.

d. Click on Search to view the clinical information.

e. In order to exchange/send clinical information electronically.
f. Either download the Clinical information in human readable format or in CCDA format using the Download or Download CCDA buttons and can send via email.
g. Or Click on the Transmit CCDA button, select the provider to which the clinical information has to be passed. Select the file format. Enter the message and the Certificate type of Transmit To address and click Send.