1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. In order to record the stage 1 & 2 measure for Criteria# 6 – Demographics in the Measure Calculation Report.

3. Patient should have an EMR chart within the reporting period.

4. For that take the Clinical Desktop page, search and select the patient.

5. Create a chart for the patient with Date of Service within the reporting period.

6. Enter the data to the chart and save the chart inorder to record the patient on the denominator of this criterion.

7. Now to record this patient on the numerator of this criteria, Select the Search Patient menu from the left menu tree.
8. Search for the patient and click on the patient name to edit.

9. Now enter the Preferred Language, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Date of Birth, then Save the patient.

10. The patient is recorded on the numeration for this criterion if all the Preferred Language, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and DOB are saved in the patient.