1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. The Stage 1 measure for Criteria# 9 – Use clinical decision support is recorded in the measure calculation report using the Yes / No indicator.

3. To add the Yes / No Indicator against the criteria, select the value Yes/No from the drop down list under Provider Parameters against this criteria on the top of measure calculation report before generating.

4. Generate the report to see the selected value against the criteria.

5. In order to use the clinical decision support.

a. Select the EMR Admin menu under EMR.
b. Click on the CDSS Master Configure button inorder to setup the CDSS rules.
c. Now schedule the action against the CDSS rules created from the CDSS Schedules page by clicking on the configure button under CDSS schedules.
d. Now go to the patient chart.
e. Enter the details to the chart and save the chart.
f. The CDSS rules and their corresponding actions will be displayed on the save successfully, if those patients satisfy any of the CDSS rules created in the master.