D1 report captures insurance-wise A/R with aging buckets. The report can also be filtered to display the A/R based on the contract amount (expected fee) instead of the gross values.


The purpose of the summary-Insurance Aging Report is to follow up outstanding insurance balances. Items on the report are aged based on the date the claim was generated for the Insurance Plan (includes primary ,secondary and tertiary insurances).

You can run this report in two ways:

A. Based on the actual remaining amount or

B. Based on the contract amount: If you have contracted rates set up under the fee schedule, you can run using the contracted amount to see the expected receivables.

Search filters for the D1 report

Field Description
LE Legal Entity or the billing entity
Insurance Show results specific to an insurance
As per Contract Amount If results are to be shown as per contract amounts in the fee schedule (Expected receivables).
Oldest Aging Bucket Select either 120, 150 or 180
INS level Insurance level(P/S/T)

Table 1

D1 search screen

Image 1

Aging Summary tab of the D1 report

Image 2

Note: The “Estimated payment”  column in Image 2 is calculated based on Allowed Amount from Fee Schedule.

A/R Aging Bucket tab

Image 3

Possible Outputs of D1 Report

A. Fields in Aging Summary Report

B. Fields in AR aging Bucket Report