Closely associated with the month-end process, this report will accurately represent the ending A/R for a specific closed period/date. The only prerequisite for report accuracy is that the selected date or month should already have been closed in the system. This is a detailed report that can be exported to both excel and CSV formats, however, note that the two formats provide differing levels of A/R information. The excel report displays patient level A/R details whereas, the CSV is expanded to the line level.


1. D15 report has the offline reporting feature.

2. D15 report has an excel output with fields akin to ‘D6. A/R Aging Summary Report‘. Thus A/R break-up can be viewed with the entered ‘As of Date’.


1. D15 report can be generated with an ‘As on Acct. Date’ provided by the user.

2. Select an insurance and the report would provide the bucket-wise aging details of the insurance as on the accounting date specified.

3. Provide a patient and the report would display the patient responsible balance listed bucket-wise as on the date given.

Search Filters for the D15 report

Field Description
Accounting Date As of Provide the accounting date until which the results are to be produced
Legal Entity To view results of a specific legal entity
Payer Type Select Patient/Insurance/ALL from the drop-down
Payer Name Type in the first three letters of the payer name and select from the list that appears

Report Download/View Options of D15 Report

Option Description
View To view the report( normal way of running the report)
Download Excel Direct excel Option provided for ‘Summary Report’
Download CSV Direct CSV Options provided for ‘Detailed CSV’
Run Offline Select this option to run report offline. Both Summary and Detailed report can be set for running offline. Drop-down shows Pending reports as well as the previous five completed ones.

D15 Search screen

Image 1

D15 Report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of D15 Report

(Direct Output) Aging Report As on Acc. Date Fields in Aging Report As On Acc. Date Excel

(Direct Output) A/R Aging Summary Report Fields in AR Aging Summary Report Excel

(Direct Output) Detailed CSV Fields in Detailed CSV

Offline Summary Fields in Offline Summary Report D15

Offline Detailed Fields in Offline Detailed Report D15