D2 report is a detailed aging report which provides the details of patients constituting the insurance A/R. Details include their line details such as the procedures, amounts, balances, previous collection follow-up activities, etc.


1.If you want to view the insurance A/R and know the patients that constitute this insurance A/R, you can run this report to view all the details.

2. Offline Reporting Feature included.

3. Direct Export to Excel and Export to CSV options are provided in the D2 report screen. Users without having to wait for the report to load and paint to the screen can use these options to extract the aging data to excel and CSV files straight away.


Provide the Insurance name In the payer field; details related to all the patients constituting the insurance A/R is displayed.

Search Filters for the D2 Report

Field Description
Payer Provide insurance name
Exclude user Activity If user activity fields are to be excluded in the report
LE Legal Entity
Provider To produce report specific to a provider
INS. Level Select either P for primary , S for Secondary or T for Tertiary; to view all select ALL
Aging Bucket If Only a specific bucket is to be viewed, select it from the list, else select ALL to view all buckets
Collection Status Filter results according to patient’s collection status
Collection Sub-status Filter results according to patient’s collection sub status

Table 1

Report Download/View Options of D2 Report

Option Description
View  To view the report( normal way of running the report)
Download Excel Direct excel Option provided for ‘Summary Report’
Download CSV Direct CSV Options provided for ‘Detailed CSV’
Run Offline Select this option to run report offline. Detailed report can be set for running offline. Drop-down shows Pending reports as well as the previous five completed ones.

Search screen for the D2 report

Image 1

D2 Report

Image 2

Select the   icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and the   icon to download the report as PDF.

Click on the   icon to show notes which shows Detail Encounter Activity and the   icon to add a new activity.