Filters for the detailed insurance aging report include Payer, Legal Entity, Provider, INS. Level (P/S/T), number of days in the aging bucket, Collection Status and Collection Sub Status. To hide user activity details from the report output, keep the check box ‘Exclude User Activity’ selected.

Image 1 is a sample search screen for the D2 report.

Image 1

Export to Excel and Export to CSV options are provided in the D2 report screen. Users without having to wait for the report to load and paint to the screen can immediately use these options to extract the aging data to excel and CSV files.

Click on Search to continue. Image 2 shows a sample D2 report.

Image 2

Select the   icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and the   icon to download the report as PDF.

Click on the   icon to show notes which shows Detail Encounter Activity and the   icon to add a new activity.