D4 report summarizes patient wise outstanding amounts (Insurance balance + Patient Payment Balance) and the corresponding aging buckets. This report helps to analyze patient aging balance exclusively as well.


This report gives a one-list view of the patients and their balances. Select ALL and it would give patient as well as insurance aging. Additional fields included in this report are Last Visit Date and Last patient Payment Date.

Search filters for the D4 report

Field Description
Legal Entity Billing Entity
Payer Insurance
Case Type To filter by case type
Oldest Aging Bucket select either 120, 150 or 180
Exclude Additional info If additional information is not to be displayed, check this box
All/Patient ‘All’  shows insurance as well as patient aging.

D4 search screen

Image 1

Sample D4 Report

Image 2

Note: If patient is selected in the search filter, then the Total O/S column shows only the patient payment balance.

Select the   icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet.