D5 is a Patient ledger style report capturing the patient’s financials with an A/R summary.


The Detailed patient aging  provides a breakdown of the claims that are currently aging to the patient. (Any claim that has been billed to the patient/responsible party using a statement is considered aging to the patient).

This report is akin to patient Ledger and is a permanent record of all financial transactions between the patient and the practice.


1. Check the box ‘Show Legends’ to display the report color-coded. This helps to quickly identify claims on Hold, denied claims, claims awaiting payments, etc.

2. Click on  to view Encounter Detail Activity and  to add an activity.

Search Filters of D5 Report

Search Filter Description
Patient Provide the first 3 letters of the first name or last name
Legal Entity To show results pertaining to a specific LE
Provider To filter results for a specific provider
Case To display results for a specific case number
DOS Provide DOS range for which the results are to be displayed
Acct. Date Provide Acct. date range for which results are to be displayed
Show Denial Information Check this box to include Payer Remarks column which contains denial information
Show Legends Check this box to display the report color-coded to easily identify claims denied, claims waiting payments, claims where insurance has paid but waiting for patient payment

Search Screen of D5 Report

Image 1

Sample D5 report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of D5 Report

Fields in the Excel output of D5 Report-1

PDF output