A/R Aging Summary report displays a bucket wise listing of outstanding amounts pertaining to patients and insurance and their corresponding percentage against the total receivables.

D6 report indicates how long insurance claims and patient balances have been outstanding and are represented as a percentage over 180 days. It is represented as amount in dollars as well as a percentage.


The A/R aging represents the outstanding amounts owed to your practice by insurance plans, patients/guarantor, and other entities.

The A/R Aging Summary Report provides the following information.

  • It shows how long invoices have been outstanding (aging) from payers, patients/ guarantors, and other entities. 
  • It shows who owes money (patient or payer).
  • It shows how old the balance is (30-60-90-120-150-180+ days). It is sorted into columns such as: Current, 1-30 days past due, 31-60 days past due, 61-90 days past due, 91-120 days past due, and 121-150 days past due,151-180 days past due and 180+ days past due.

Search filters of D6 report

Field Description
Legal Entity To filter by Billing entity
Provider To filter by providers

D6 Search screen

Image 1

Sample D6 report

Image 2

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