Login to PracticeSuite as provider Tom Mcquinn, from the menu on the left, choose->EMR->Clinical Desktop. Click the Patient tab to open the Patient Search page. Type the name of the patient, the patients list will be displayed below. Click on the patient Victor Carter to open up the chart.

Once inside chart, select the consultation sheet called ‘Internal Medicine’ and click New Consultation Sheet and the new charting screen will open up. From the level 1 section on the left click on Prescriptions to open up the prescription screen. Enter the name of the drug in the drug search text box and click the Drug Search button. This will list all the drugs matching with text that you typed in the search text box. On selecting the drug from the list, it will take you to the prescriptions section where you can select the sig, dispense# and refills. Once you have selected these click on Save Rx to save the prescription.

Click on the Take Complete Rx to Review Page button to review the prescription. On this page click on the Transmit Rx to take you to the Prescription transmit page. Here you can select the preferred pharmacy either from the list already shown or by adding a pharmacy to the list. On clicking the Transmit Rx/Add Record, the system will transmit the Rx to the pharmacy.