Encounter Lines displays the different Procedures associated with an Encounter, DOS start and End Dates, the related diagnoses, the Charges, and Total Amount, Adjustment Amount, Claim Status, Accounting date, etc.


The following are the details provided in the Encounter Lines.

Field Description
CPT Code The CPT codes used for this particular encounter will be listed here. Click on the CPT code to edit it.
D1, D2, D3, D4 Select the Diagnosis for which the CPT codes have been added.
M1, M2, M3, M4 Select the modifiers for a diagnosis. You can select up to four.
Units Enter the number of units
UOM Select the Unit of Measurement
Charge($) The charge per unit will be displayed here.
Total($) The total will be displayed here
Status Click in this box to change the status of the claim, select an option from the list.
Balance The Remaining amount will be displayed here
Adj. Amt. ($) Adjustments if any will be displayed here
Adj. Reason If any Adjustment amount has been entered, a valid reason for the adjustment should be selected from the list provided.
Activity You can Add or Edit Activity notes using the icons provided
Remarks You can enter any Payor remarks in this box.
Rev. This option allows you to Reverse a payment posting and take back the amount.
RP Displays the Rendering Provider; moving the mouse over the RP, will display the name of the Provider.
Acct. Date Displays the accounting date for the line.
Delete To delete the encounter line, click in the corresponding line.