In medical billing, Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT/HCPCS) go hand in hand. Hence, these modules have been incorporated under Fee Schedule. To add, edit, deactivate and filter CPTs in SFS, follow the below-given steps.

1. Select Setup from the main menu and choose Fee Schedule. The Fee schedule window opens to manipulate the Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT).

2. A default Standard Fee Schedule is created at the time of Account Creation. However, we can add more CPTs to the existing standard fee schedule.

Image 1

Adding New CPT to Standard Fee Schedule

Click on the  button from the Fee Schedule window. A window appears where New CPT information can be furnished; see Image 2.

Image 2

Fill in all the mandatory fields to create New CPT-

    • Billable Code (A CPT or A HCPCS code)
    • Billable Code Description
    • Billable Amount
    • Category (Category of the Billable code and it may either be a CPT or an HCPCS)

Other information is not mandatory; however, it would help the billing to be easy if updated. For e.g., setting ordering provider as rendering provider, CLIA# or Mammography Certification# would facilitate the charge entry and billing process when the CPT or HCPCS is selected.

Once these fields are updated, Click on Save button to save the CPT into the Standard Fee Schedule.

Editing a CPT

To update or to do a simple edit, double-click anywhere on the CPT Line.

When the CPT is invoked, the fields become editable and can be updated with the required details.

Image 3

Click on Update Button to save the changes when completed.

Detailed Editing of Existing CPT from Standard Fee Schedule

To do detailed editing on an existing CPT from the standard fee schedule, select the CPT to be edited.

Click on the edit symbol  against the respective CPT.

Image 4

Once the required fields are updated click on the Save button to save the changes.

Note: CPT Add/Edit option will only be available in Standard Fee Schedule.

Filtering CPT from Standard Fee Schedule

To filter a certain CPT from the CPTs listed in the Standard Fee Schedule, click on the down arrow mark in the CPT Code Column, select Filters option and enter the filter text in the field beside it; see Image 5.

Image 5

Inactivate a CPT

To Inactivate a CPT, select the CPT that needs to be inactivated from the Fee Schedule.

Click anywhere on the CPT line.

Image 6

Enter the End Date (highlighted in Image 6) and click on Update button to save the changes. Once saved, the CPT line will be shown in red color as in Image 7.

Image 7