Claims Detail Report is the claim log. It maps from the Print/Rebill screen of the Claims workbench. It shows the details about the claims that you have batched; whether they were batched electronically or in paper format, what the payer remarks are, what reject reasons have been provided, etc.


1. This is very similar to G4 report. The major difference is that G1 report displays Remarks and reject reasons from payer, clearinghouse, etc. whereas G4 shows the CPT and line status.

2. G1 report has the offline reporting feature.


If you want to view only the electronic claims or only the paper claims, use ‘Claim batch type’ filter.

Search filters for the G1 report

Field Description
Claim Date Provide the claim date range
DOS Provide the DOS range
Patient To filter by a specific patient
Legal Entity To filter results pertaining to a specific legal entity
Provider To filter results for a specific provider
Insurance/Payer ID To filter by insurance
Insurance Level To filter by Insurance level
Claim Batch Type Paper, EDI
Clearinghouse Status To view claims having a specific CH status
Interchange# Unique number of the batch
Claims Receiver To view claims sent to a specific CH
Payer Status To filter results for a specific payer status
Claim# To view report for a single claim
Include COB claims To include Cross over claims in the result
Sort Select Claim#, Insurance or patient Last name to sort the result

Search screen of G1 report

Image 1

Sample G1 report

Image 2

Select  icon to download the report in Excel format, for CSV output and  icon to download the report in PDF format.