Denial Report shows all the denials posted in the system. It shows the denial codes, description, patient and date it was posted for and the current status of the line. It also shows the Number of Times the line was Denied, Billed Amt., Payments Applied, LCD, Prev.Claim Date, Prev.Claim#, Insurance Company and the User who posted the denial.


G2 report has claim date has the search parameter for easy claim search.

G2 Report has two excel outputs and one PDF output. The first excel output has additional fields to show units and modifiers. The second excel contains info on the number of times the claim was denied during the specified period.


1. Service Location and Encounter level provider info are available in the excel output.

Search filters for the G2 report

Field Description
Posting/denial Entry Date Provide the posting date range for the denials
DOS Provide the DOS range
Denial Code To search by a specific denial code
Legal Entity To show results pertaining to a specific billing entity
Insurance Company To show denials done by a specific insurance
User To view only those denials posted by a specific user
Sort Sort either by Denial code or insurance
Exclude PAID_CLOSE To exclude claims that are in PAID_CLOSE status
Exclude WO_CLOSE To exclude those claims in write off close status
Exclude HOLD To exclude claims in HOLD status

Search screen of G2 report

Sample G2  report

Select the  icon to download the table/ summary as Excel Spreadsheet and  icon to download the report as PDF.