All the unpaid claims and lines currently in the Collection Manager worklist can be extracted using this report. This report can also be run in the offline mode. Note that the same data can also be extracted from within the Collection Manager module by clicking on the excel or CSV export option.


1. G5 report shows you all the claims that are available for the collector to work on. All the filters of the G5 report are available in the collection manager as well.

2. G5 report has offline reporting feature.

3. G5 report excel output matches exactly with Collections manager excel file.

4. The excel output of G5 report has Rendering Provider’s Taxonomy code.

5. This report has a column added for Contractual Adjustment Amount which takes the formula

Contractual Adjustment Amt = Billed Amount – Allowed Amount

Search filters in the G5 report

Field Description
Denial Category Provide denial category to search for only those denials
LE Legal entity
Rendering Provider To filter results by rendering provider; (Note: Rendering provider taxonomy code displayed in excel output)
Patient Filter by patient
Case Type Medicare/Medicaid/ Work Injury
Collector Name Search by User name
Collection Status  Pending/ Resolved
Collection Sub status Claim resubmitted/ Paid EOB in Transit/ Paid EOB Requested
Amt > Show only claims with a remaining amount greater than the given value
Insurance Level Primary/ Secondary/ Tertiary
Show Reminders Show only those claims for which reminders are set.
Line sub status Denied/ Pre Collection /Collection/Installment
Filter By (All/Denials/ claims over response not received threshold/ All open lines)

Denials: to show only denials

No response received- To show only those claims which are over response threshold

All: Show all claims in the above two categories

All open lines: Show all lines for which there is a balance on the line.

A/R Method To filter by A/R method used: web/calling/ VOB
Aged between To filter claims according to days from DOS, LCD(Last Claim Date), and Last Follow up Date.
Date between Filter claims according to whether their DOS and/or claim date fall in the given date range.
Accident Related claims only Check this box to show only claims related to accidents

Table 1

Search screen of G5 Report

Sample G5 Report

Fields in G5 Report Outputs

G5 Excel Report

G5Offline Report

Fields Recently Added to G5 Report Outputs

Field Excel Offline Report
Legal Entity
Contractual adjustment Amount
Rendering provider taxonomy Code
Charge per unit