To generate the Installment Letter for patients, Choose Report Central and select Generate Patient Statement(s) Report.

Image 4

Select the Parameters to generate the installment letter as required.

Select the Name of Letter from the box near to Gen. Inst. Letter button which is to be generated for patient, and click on the   (highlighted in Image 4) to generate the letter for the patient; refer to Image 5.

Image 5

Click on the Print icon on the top right of the generated letter to print the letter from there.

To Reprint the letter for the patients, choose the INSTALLMENT STATEMENT SUMMARY REPORT from Report Central.

Image 6

Select the installment statements by entering required parameters like Patient Name, Last Statement Date Range, Installment#, etc.

Select the installment statements which are to be reprinted by clicking on the checkbox against each (as in Image 6).

After selecting the installment statements, select the letter name from the box which is to be generated and click on the Print Letter button to generate the letter for selected statements.