A superbill activity report is used to record the services provided to a patient. It can be printed individually from the Enter Charges screen or generated for multiple patients from Report Central. The Superbill Activity Report is available in the Superbill section of Report Central.

1. To print the receipt individually from the Enter Charges screen, check the boxes Print Superbill and Show Amount and hit the Save button (see highlighted portion in Image 1). The receipt would open in a new pop up window and you can print the receipt from there.

Image 1

2. To generate the report for multiple patients in a single action, go to Report Central and click on B3. Superbill Activity Report.

The search screen opens up which permits us to filter charges according to DOS or provider name. Image 2 is the superbill Activity Search screen.

Image 2

Provide adequate search parameters and click on Search.

A list of patients is displayed. Click on to generate the superbills and select the checkbox to display the amount as well. To know more about Superbill Activity report, click here.